Clean Focus Renewables, a Neo Solar Power (NSP) Company, develops, finances, owns, and operates commercial, community solar and utility-scale solar energy projects in the United States. We pride ourselves in offering best-in-class financing and co-development partnership arrangements. We use some of the most flexible financing structures in the industry, which means we are able to make projects work that others cannot. With the support of NSP and other investors, Clean Focus now has a dedicated sponsor equity fund of $400 Million to invest in solar projects across the Americas.

Clean Focus’ business model is simple: we source the best-in-class technologies, leverage our best-in-class finance and development teams, and employ local project experts. We have an experienced staff specializing in development, engineering, system-integration, financing, and asset-management. We utilize only the best EPC firms and we own and operate the plant through the duration of its life through Clean Focus Yield. As a result our projects are among the highest in efficiency and are delivered on time and on budget.

The Clean Focus Difference

At Clean Focus, we bring battle-tested expertise and a proven deal-closing track record to every solar financing or co-development engagement. Because we leverage our own capital along with some of the most flexible financing structures in the industry, we make projects work that others cannot. Whether you need development help or project financing, we specialize in navigating the complicated processes within commercial and utility-scale solar to bring your project online quickly, reliably, and at the right price.

Our innovative and creative approach to project development resulted in being awarded “Deal of the Year” from Novogradac in 2014. The award recognized Clean Focus’ ability to overcome obstacles, demonstrating our ability to solve problems and get projects built successfully.


We operate over 146 MW across California, Nevada, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts and have 500 MW in development. We own and operate one of the largest single-rooftop installations in North America, a 4.8 MW array on a shopping mall in New Jersey. We own and operate a multi- site rooftop installation in Florida that leveraged the first Feed-in Tariff in the U.S. We are the largest operator of solar power projects on landfills in the United States, with 18 MW across 7 sites in Massachusetts. We own and operate solar projects ranging in size from 100 kW to 22 MW, including rooftop, parking canopy/carport, and ground-mounted solar projects.