Co-Development Program

Co-Development Program

The Clean Focus Co-Development Program is designed to help small developers successfully navigate the tricky waters of commercial and utility-scale solar to bring their pipeline of projects online quickly and profitably.  Through the Co-Development Program, we can:

  • Offload critical tasks such as engineering and design
  • Provide consulting expertise in tariff analysis, credit evaluation, cost estimation, EPC selection, and more
  • Fund development expenses like interconnection deposits, PPA deposits, environmental/cultural permits, and land fees

The Co-Development Program is designed to help small developers process more leads and close business faster.  The program is fully customizable; we create a win-win partnership that helps you meet your objectives for immediate and long-term growth.

Development Services

      • Rigorous due diligence / credit analysis for site hosts, offtakers, and key suppliers
      • Evaluation and optimization of state and local incentives and regulations
      • Ability to perform avoided costs analyses for complex utility tariffs, including evaluating demand savings potential
      • Site lease and PPA negotiations
      • Expansive network of engineers and installers
      • Relationships with roofing companies who understand solar installations
      • Follow-through with system design, technical expertise, and supplier management
      • Collaboration with building owners and installers to minimize business interruptions during the installation process

Financing Services

      • Range of development, construction, and take-out capital
      • Optimized financing structures, customized for each project
      • Ability to finance projects in SRECs markets
      • Legal and accounting expertise structuring complex deals
      • Relationships with multiple tax-equity investors and lenders to facilitate small to large transactions ($1M – $100M)
      • Ability to structure financings with both our capital or our partner’s or to co-invest

Asset Management Services

      • Operations & Maintenance
      • Warranty Management
      • Financing Reporting
      • Account Management
      • Bill Payment
      • Annual auditing

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Co-Development Program