Somerset County YMCA, NJ

Somerset County YMCA, NJ

Delivering Savings for Non-Profit Centers

In the summer of 2012, Clean Focus, in collaboration with SunStream Partners, completed solar power projects totaling 834.5kW of clean, reliable solar photovoltaics at three YMCA locations in Somerset County, New Jersey. The three YMCA locations where the solar projects were deployed are located in Bridgewater, Hillsborough and Somerville, New Jersey. These solar projects deliver over 970,000 kWh of energy annually Somerset Valley YMCA, the equivalent energy to power 65 homes.

Clean Focus successfully led a team of partners and investors to deploy these solar installations. When the credit-worthiness of a project partner emerged as a potential obstacle to securing a loan, Clean Focus made the strategic decision to take an equity stake in the project, underscoring to other investors the viability of the project. This bold, strategic move – borne of deep financial acumen and industry experience – ensured the successful completion of the project. The Somerset County YMCA solar projects were deployed under a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) that delivers electricity at a predetermined, predictable price, providing a long-term hedge against rising power prices with no initial capital investment for the YMCA. All installations were completed and placed in service by summer 2012.

Rooftop-mounted solar arrays were installed at the Hillsborough and Somerville YMCA facilities. A new carport structure was designed and constructed to facilitate solar deployment at the Bridgewater location.

Capacity (kW DC) 834.5
Location Name Somerset Valley YMCAs
Cities, State Somerville, Hillsborough, and Bridgewater, NJ
Number of Sites 3
Site Configuration Rooftops, Carport
Date Completed May 2012
Developer SunStream Partners
EPC Baja / Star-Lo
Offtaker Somerset Valley YMCA
Modules Trina Solar
Inverter PV Powered