We partner with developers of all sizes to bring solar projects into the light

Whether you need development help or only project financing, we specialize in navigating the tricky waters of commercial and utility-scale solar to bring your project online quickly, reliably, and at the right price. Our experience with project development, underwriting, financing, legal and tax structuring, construction management, and operations increases financial value and decreases risk for your project. We have done it all before, and we bring that expertise to you.

We can provide you guidance and support, letting you take the development lead, or we can play a more active development and customer-facing role. We can partner with you at the beginning in the origination process or at the end, providing take-out financing. Each engagement is customized to match the best of our experience with your needs and the project requirements, creating a true win-win-win.

As you know, solar projects can be beset with many different challenges and obstacles during the development process, from complex tariff analysis to site control to financing difficulties. We pride ourselves in overcoming these obstacles swiftly to get your project built.

Our flexible, “best-in-class” financing structures enable us to successfully finance projects that others cannot. We optimize the capital stack for each project, using a range of development, construction, and take-out capital. We structure projects to drive risk out in order to increase profit for all parties—you, the PPA counterparty, and us. Our development partners tell us that they appreciate how we work with them in a transparent and responsive manner.

Our focus is on developing long-term relationships with our development partners that maximize long-term benefits for all parties across multiple opportunities—not just a series of one-off financing transactions. Because we own and operate each project, we have a vested interest in building solar systems designed to last and optimizing performance over the life of the system.

Development Services

  • Rigorous due diligence / credit analysis for site hosts, offtakers, and key suppliers
  • Evaluation and optimization of state and local incentives and regulations
  • Ability to perform avoided costs analyses for complex utility tariffs, including evaluating demand savings potential
  • Site lease and PPA negotiations
  • Expansive network of engineers and installers
  • Relationships with roofing companies who understand solar installations
  • Follow-through with system design, technical expertise, and supplier management
  • Collaboration with building owners and installers to minimize business interruptions during the installation process

Financing Services

  • Range of development, construction, and take-out capital
  • Optimized financing structures, customized for each project
  • Ability to finance projects in SRECs markets
  • Legal and accounting expertise structuring complex deals
  • Relationships with multiple tax-equity investors and lenders to facilitate small to large transactions ($1M – $100M)
  • Ability to structure financings with both our capital or our partner’s or to co-invest

Asset Management Services

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Warranty Management
  • Financing Reporting
  • Account Management
  • Bill Payment
  • Annual auditing

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