We develop and finance solar projects for you—so you can do what you do best

Whether you’re an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) provider or an electrical contractor, you likely come across opportunities for solar systems regularly in the course of your work. But you know that solar development can be fraught with pitfalls—interpreting complex tariff and incentive programs, negotiating site leases and power purchase agreements (PPA), overcoming financing obstacles, and more. Moreover, there are up-front costs and risks which must be borne. Who can you trust to get it done, and in a way that makes economic sense? Partner with Clean Focus and we take on those burdens for you, freeing you up to do the technical work you do best.

At Clean Focus, we leverage our years of experience in due diligence, opportunity analysis, deal negotiation, and innovative financing to bring solar opportunities at your customer sites to the light. We’ve done it all before, taking projects from concept to financing all the way to grid connection. We can take on as much or as little of the development and financing process as you need. But in every engagement you maintain the relationship with your customer.

When you partner with us at the early stages of opportunity identification you get to bring valuable solar expertise to your customer. Our expertise means that together we make a more persuasive presentation to your customer and your opportunity has a much better chance of getting quickly and successfully developed and financed. And of course you get an exclusive contractual arrangement to build the project at a price that works for you.

Clean Focus Provides:

  • Project screening / underwriting
  • Electric tariff and PPA savings analysis
  • Regulatory evaluation and maximization of state and local incentives
  • Site lease and PPA negotiation
  • Optimized project financing, including non-investment grade structures for owner-occupied buildings

You Provide:

  • Solar opportunities of 500 kW or greater (100,000+ sq ft for rooftop or 3+ acres for ground mount)
  • Design, engineering, procurement, and/or construction services

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