For Landowners

For Landowners

At Clean Focus, we know how to work with landowners to generate electricity and make money for your projects month after month. With today’s reliable solar technology, your land can generate money for you for 25 years or more. Below are frequently asked questions by landowners as they consider solar projects.

An area of land where a large number of solar panels are set-up to generate electrical power.

A solar lease is a contract between the property owner and Clean Focus that allows us to install a solar farm in exchange for payments to the landowner.Each contract is different, but generally they are at least 20 years and sometimes have an option to extend for an additional period.

The power generated by the solar farm will be sold to your power grid. This could be a local co-op, large energy company, or individual company.

With the current process involving city planning and permits, along with working through details of contracts, the process can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. During this time you’ll be free to continue using your land.

Clean Focus will be responsible for all operations and maintenance for the solar farm during its life, and will remove all equipment and reclaim your property once the project has ended.

While installing a solar farm generally increases property taxes, Clean Focus will be responsible for all property taxes during the life of the solar farm.

We never want to impact the natural beauty of your neighborhood. Clean Focus works with landowners on a case-by-case basis when designing the solar farm to minimize visual impact.

Clean Focus knows that working with family members or neighbors or a group of investors can get complicated. We have extensive experience in managing the interests of everyone involved and usually find a win-win situation for all parties.

As you know, everyone is different and we at Clean Focus treat everyone the way we would want to be treated – like gold. Just as you are seeking answers to your questions, your neighbors and community are as well. We are here to help educate you and others that could be affected by the solar installation. Often, after an in-home meeting or town hall discussion, people walk away excited for the future that solar has to offer them.

Great solar sites come in all shapes and sizes, but generally need to be flat and free of water. In order to facilitate the sale of the power generated by the solar farm, an ideal property would be less than one mile from an existing power line.

We will work with you to determine if it makes sense to cut down or burn the trees or other crops, sell livestock or drain water currently on your site. It depends on your priorities and rest assured we will not recommend you do anything to your land until all prior permits and contracts are in place and the installation is scheduled to occur. We don’t want you to incur any unnecessary expenses or burden in the process.

A lot of companies are jumping into the solar business. Some are in it for the long-term and care for their landowners and will be with them throughout the life of the lease. Some are “fly-by-night” operations looking to cash-in on the latest trend, without long-term interest in the solar business. Some companies will also take on a project and then “flip-it” similar to flipping real estate. Some questions to ask companies that approach you:
1) How long have you been in business?
2) How many installations have you done?
3) How involved are you with the financing and development?
4) If I were to work with you, where am I in the que for getting my solar farm installed compared to your other projects?